Disaster Response 3 / Other Resources

Homeless Education Advocacy Manual: Disaster Edition

For those recovering from a disaster, man-made or natural, immediate needs for income and housing may overshadow critical concerns about education of children and youth. However, the needs of displaced students should also be considered. This manual is designed to encourage and assist advocates working with displaced students seeking access to appropriate educational services. As… Read more »

Addressing Hurricane Harvey with Children & Adolescents

Resources & Talking Points: Addressing Hurricane Harvey with Children & Adolescents The destruction and flooding brought by Hurricane Harvey is hard to fathom.  During crises such as this, it can be difficult for children and adolescents, and for parents who are unsure how to support them.  For this reason, Austin Child Guidance Center (ACGC) is… Read more »

After Hurricane Harvey: Supporting Displaced Texas Students

Hurricane Harvey has affected tens of thousands of Texas students and their families. Federal and state disaster relief agencies, the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Homeless Education Office (THEO) at the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas, and the Region 10 Education Service Center are all working together to provide students and… Read more »

Immunization Requirements for Students Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

The current immunization requirements give homeless or transferring students within Texas school districts a 30-day provisional enrollment period during which immunization records must be provided to their school. Under the authority of the Governor’s extension of the Hurricane Harvey disaster declaration, the DSHS has elected to suspend the 30-day requirement for displaced students having trouble… Read more »