Partial Credit Model Policy and Practice Recommendations

The Partial Credit Workgroup convened on May 6 and July 10, 2013 with membership from the California Department of Education, California Department of Social Services, California School Board Association, legislative aides, advocacy and philanthropy communities, former foster youth, and government and agency providers who serve foster youth and highly mobile students in the educational realm. Leveraging the collective efforts and expertise of the
workgroup, recommendations for supporting more consistent award of partial credit were developed. These include: (1) establishing a statewide model policy for the award of partial credit that reflects the subject area and content covered; (2) defining roles, responsibilities, and timelines for operational practices; and, (3) support of effective implementation with increased awareness, training, and technical assistance.

The Partial Credit Workgroup reviewed a number of partial credit policies from across the state and observed various differences as well as core components. There are noted barriers, such as the diverse credit structures across districts, to implementing a statewide policy for awarding partial credit. The model policy in this document is designed to be both flexible enough to respond to these diverse systems as well as provide for consistency between and
across districts.