FAFSA Application and Verification Guide (AVG)

The AVG provides information to college financial aid administrators and counselors who help students with the process of seeking federal student aid for post-secondary education.

Unaccompanied homeless youth (UHY) are considered independent students for purposes of applying for federal student aid. This means that UHY do not need to include a parent signature or information on parental income and assets on the FAFSA; rather UHY report only their own income and assets, which are used to determine the student’s federal financial aid package. The AVG outlines the process for determining independent student status for UHY.

This document is the full text of the AVG with references to UHY highlighted for easy location.

Much of the information included in the AVG mirrors information that has been included in previous editions of the AVG. The main addition to the 2017-2018 AVG is the information on subsequent year determinations by local liaisons included on page AVG-116.