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escmapContact information for the Homeless Education Liaisons in the public Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in Texas may be obtained in several ways.

Education Service Center Regions

Click on the ESC number on the map to the right to browse the Homeless Liaison list for the LEAs in that region.

Alphabetical Listing by School District

To view all Homeless Liaisons organized by school district, click here.
(In the AskTED directory system charter schools are listed as “districts.”)


AskTED is Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) online Texas Education Directory (TED). AskTED is the database where every Local Education Agency’s (LEA) Homeless Liaison contact information is maintained.

The information on this directory site is updated periodically from the AskTED site.  Last updated: Aug 9, 2021
To learn how to use AskTED to access Homeless Liaison contact information directly, download the PDF instructions here.

If you discover information that is out of date or incorrect, updates and/or changes regarding the Homeless Liaison(s) contact information must be submitted to TEA through each LEA’s AskTED administrator.
Charter schools are responsible for submitting their homeless liaison(s) information directly to the Charter School Division at TEA via phone at (512) 463-9575 or email