TEXSHEP Subgrant Management Documents

Funding Cycle September 1, 2015 – August 31, 2018

Download each of the documents listed below by clicking on the bold-faced title of the document.

Directory of Currently Funded McKiney-Vento Subgrants in Texas

Click here to access contact information for each of the current Texas Support for Homeless Education Program (TEXSHEP) subgrantees. Last updated: April 14, 2017

Important Dates

To view the most current version of the three-year grant cycle calendar, click here. Updated March 27, 2017

TEXSHEP Subgrant Continuation Application for Year 3 (2017-2018)

TEXSHEP RFA Year 3 2017-2018 Single
This application is to be used by current TEXSHEP subgrants that are SINGLE DISTRICT applicants, such as an ISD or charter school.
Released March 27, 2017

TEXSHEP RFA Year 3 2017-2018 SSA
This application is to be used by current TEXSHEP subgrants that are MULTIPLE-DISTRICT applicants, such as education service centers.
Released March 27, 2017

TEXSHEP Schedules 12-13D Year 3 2017-2018 Provisions and Assurances
These Provisions and Assurances take the place of the schedules used for Year 1, and are certified with the applicant’s signature on the continuation schedule.
Released March 27, 2017

This form must be filled out for any NEW collaborators added to the subgrant for Year 3. Do NOT submit this schedule with the application.  Collaboration forms will be examined during the mid-year review.  Each collaborator should have a form on file.

 TEXSHEP Subgrantee Compliance Handbook

M-V Subgrantee Handbook, 3rd Edition
Released September 30, 2015

Summary of Changes, M-V Subgrantee Handbook, 3rd_Edition
Released October 16, 2015

FAQ M-V Subgrantee Handbook, 3rd Edition

Financial Management Documents – Year 2 (2016-17)

TEXSHEP Expenditure Report Form (Region 10) Year 2 2016-17
Use this form to submit quarterly reimbursement requests to Region Education Service Center.

TEXSHEP 2015-17 Grant Cycle Year 2 (2016-17) Fiscal Requirements
This document contains specific information regarding subgrant fiscal reports, reimbursement procedures, and deadlines.

Please allow four (4) weeks to process the following prior approval requests. You cannot proceed with the planned activity until you have received approval from your THEO consultant.

TEA Allowable Cost Prior Approval Request Field Trip

TEA Allowable Cost Prior Approval Request Program Related Out of State Travel

TEA Allowable Cost Prior Approval Request Participant Support

Amendment Packet for Year 2 (2016-2017)

TEXSHEP_Amendment Forms and Instructions Year 2 (2016-17)
IF your amendment includes budget pages THAT WERE NOT part of your current approved application that was included with your most recent NOGA, you may access blank budget pages on the following link. DO NOT USE the following pages to make changes to existing budget pages in your grant.

TEXSHEP Year 2 (2016-17) Blank Budget Schedules 7.1 – 7F

TEA Indirect Cost Rates Handbook
Released by TEA in 2013

 Mid-Year Program Review Documents

TEXSHEP 2016-17 (Year 2) Self-Assessment Guide

Download a copy of the TEXSHEP Subgrantee Supplemental Program Information Online Survey for Year 2 (2016-17) by clicking here. This document is for information purposes only; the survey, in its entirety, must be completed online using the link provided in the Self-Assessment Guide.

TEXSHEP 2015-17 Grant Cycle Data Workbook
The data submission will be on the same Data Workbook begun in 2015-16 for the mid-year review and end-of-year report for Year 1. For this year’s mid-year review submission, use the Mid-Year 2016-17 tab.

The data workbook contains tabs for all submissions for all three project years of the subgrant cycle.
Only download the data workbook if you intend to start over from scratch with your data submissions.

This table may be downloaded in one of two identical versions:
Version 1 is an Excel file with the current .xlsx extension.
Version 2 is an Excel file with the older .xls extension. Use the format most compatible with your computer software.
If you receive a message asking you about the use of macros, click on the “Disable Macros” option.
Download Version 1 (.xlsx)
Download Version 2 (.xls)

TEXSHEP 2015-17 Grant Cycle Federal and State Compliance Guide
This document is NOT needed for Year 2 unless the project did not receive a compliance review in Year 1 or had findings in the Year 1 compliance review.

TEXSHEP 2016-17 (Year 2) Reviewer Report
This document is for reference and information purposes only so that subgrantees may see what the reports generated by THEO consultants for the mid-year reviews will look like.

 TEXSHEP Fall Training Materials – Year 2 (2016-17)

The following materials were distributed at the Annual Statewide Conference on Ending Homelessness at the Omni Southpark Hotel in Austin, Texas. The conference was held Wednesday, September 21 through Friday, September 23, 2016. Click on each of the session titles to access the handouts for the session.

Download the complete conference program with the conference agenda and session descriptions by clicking here.

Preconference: TEXSHEP Subgrantee Required Training; Wednesday, September 21, 2016; 8:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Session 1.6: Help! He’s 16 with No Place to Stay: Accessing Shelter and Housing Services for Unaccompanied Homeless Minors

Session 2.7: Stickers, Stars, and Candy Bars: Motivating McKinney-Vento Students’ Attendance

Session 2.8: Collaborations Between District Departments, Campuses, and Local Service Providers

Session 3.6: Just a Fantasy?  Homeless Students Achieve the Dream of College

Session 4.8: Homeless but Healthy – Securing Medical Care for McKinney-Vento Students

Session 5.7: ESSA Implementation: Foster Care & Student Success

Session 5.8: McKinney-Vento 101: Helping Homeless Students Succeed

Session 6.6: TEXSHEP Subgrantee Required Training; Friday, September 23, 2016; 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Session 6.7: The Education Rights of Homeless Children and Youth

TEXSHEP Year 1 (2015-2016) Year-End Report

TEXSHEP Year 1 2015-2016 Year-End Report
This document is the Year-End Narrative Report that is required of all TEXSHEP subgrantees. The report is due on October 17, 2016. This report is the companion to the final project expenditure report for Year 1, due on September 23, 2016.

Funding RFA for TEXSHEP Subgrants (2015-2017)

Application (RFA) schedules and complete instructions for the Texas Support for Homeless Education Program (TEXSHEP) subgrant cycle effective September 1, 2015 – August 31, 2018. Submission deadline was 3:30 p.m. on December 11, 2014. To access the complete TEXSHEP RFA 2015-17 grant cycle application materials, click here.