TEA Attendance Accounting Handbook Click on the link above to go to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Attendance Accounting Handbook page. This page provides links for for downloading the Word or PDF versions of the current year’s handbook, along with a change document that describes the changes made form the previous year’s edition. The handbook: • describes the… Read more »

Focus on Empathy, Not Punishment, Improves Discipline Suspending a child from school may be more harmful than helpful — when a child is sent home as a punishment for misbehaving at school, it results in lost opportunities to learn, damaged relationships, and has the potential of setting up the student for future failure. A different mindset, however, could improve student behavior and lessen the… Read more »

Parent’s Guide to Student Attendance

When your child misses school, he is missing opportunities to learn, socialize, gain confidence, and be inspired. Each year, Central Texas students are absent 2.4 million days of school. Many of these absences were potentially preventable, including routine medical or dental checkups, traveling, or just skipping. This guide has easy tips for you so you can make sure your children don’t miss out.