Addressing Hurricane Harvey with Children & Adolescents

The destruction and flooding brought by Hurricane Harvey is hard to fathom.  During crises such as this, it can be difficult for children and adolescents, and for parents who are unsure how to support them.  For this reason, Austin Child Guidance Center (ACGC) is providing some resources.  Please forward this to anyone you know who may need it.

Austin Child Guidance Center‘s Director of Psychological Services, Dr. Julia Hoke, answers the question, “What are we supposed to tell our kids about Hurricane Harvey?” Click HERE for the article.

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Resources for parents & teachers:
What you should know and common emotional reactions of children and families exposed to a Floods & Hurricanes.
An app to help kids:
Help Kids Cope will help parents talk to their kids about the disasters 
they may face and know how best to support them throughout-whether 
sheltering-in-place at home, evacuating to a designated shelter, or helping your family heal after reuniting. 

Activities for kids:

How to Talk To Children About Harvey
This article from Forbes has an extensive collection of links to resources that can help children cope with trauma stemming from disasters.