Barbara Wand James Homeless Student Support Scholarship


General Information

The Barbara Wand James Homeless Student Support Scholarship celebrates Ms. James’ 24 years of service as Director of The Texas Homeless Education Office (THEO). Her legacy lives on in this scholarship fund that will support homeless students to attend and succeed in post-secondary education endeavors.

Students that faced the challenges of homelessness but, nevertheless, graduated from high school, have demonstrated tremendous strength already in their young lives. The Barbara Wand James Homeless Student Support Scholarship seeks to build on that strength by financially assisting homeless Texas students who have been accepted into higher education institutions and other post-secondary programs that prepare youths for successful careers. This scholarship is open to those whose life experiences show tremendous resilience.

The College of Natural Sciences Foundation at the University of Texas at Austin will hold all scholarship funds until dispersal to selected awardees. The College of Natural Sciences is the official arm of UT Austin under which THEO operates. All donations to the scholarship fund are tax deductible. Awards will be made annually, with amounts to be determined depending upon the funds available. All donations to this scholarship go directly to a student or students.

To download a flyer for the scholarship, click here.

Scholarship Application

To apply for the Barbara Wand James Homeless Student Support Scholarship, download and read the instructions for the scholarship application.

To download the application instructions, click here.

The application instructions include the complete summary of the scholarship eligibility and award criteria. Criteria for the 2018 awards include certification of homeless status under McKinney-Vento, certification of enrollment in a post-secondary educational institution, letters of recommendation, a personal essay, and other similar items.
A Word version of the online application is available to help prepare for the online submission.
To download the the MSWord practice version, click here.
To submit a scholarship application, complete the online application.
To access and submit the online scholarship application, click on the following link:

Donate to the Scholarship


To donate to the Barbara Wand James Homeless Student Support Scholarship, click on one of the DONATE NOW links on this page. The link will take you to the UT-Austin College of Natural Sciences donation page.  Follow these instructions on the donation page:

Fill in your donation amount on the first line next to the Natural Sciences, College of field.

“Charles A. Dana Center” is pre-selected in the drop-down list under the Sub Department field.

Leave the other fields on the left hand side of the screen blank if you do not wish to make any other donations to the College of Natural Sciences programs.

The large white text box on the bottom of the right-hand side of the page has pre-filled text that reads “The Barbara Wand James Homeless Student Support Scholarship.”

Select Continue and fill out the remaining information.

You will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible contribution.